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One breath in a time, one step in a time

Our breath is something that we take most of the time for granted. With COVID-19 casualties it became even more clear how important and vulnerable our breathing is.
In my work with pregnant women and their partners, breathing is the first tool as well for healthy pregnancy as in the healthy birthing. It is so normal that we are all breathing, isn’t it? But what is the quality of our breathing? It often happens that to clear the way of trust, and self-confidence in the own body a hypnotic session is necessary. It’s precious and extraordinary when this process takes place. When the genius unconscious does it’s work in the tender and focused way. The whole process is ignited by curiosity. I absolutely agree with the idea that “It is a voice of life that calls us to come and to learn”, and that curiosity is such a voice of life. Curiosity is a wonderful state of mind that enables us to explore what is going on, and to enable our own natural problem-solving and mind-body healing. How wonderful it is that we can begin to facilitate all this activity, all this inner “magic”, simply by inviting someone to look at their hands like they have never seen them before”/ R.Hill & E.L.Rossi; The Practitioners Guide to Mirroring Hands/

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